VeronicaMany people have asked me how I felt about being given this mission from Heaven. Well, in all honesty and sincerity, I must say I was quite flabbergasted. After all, if someone had told me that [an] experience like this...or any consideration from Heaven would be mine, I would have laughed. Because I'm certainly not worthy of such consideration. Being the lowest and the worst of souls, I really can honestly say that I can't understand why Heaven would choose me, of all people. Since I'm really absolutely nothing (like I have no religious vocation)—and not being a child (I don't have the innocence of a child)—but I guess Heaven has some reason to trust that I will fulfill this mission to the best of my ability.

I don't have anything really to qualify me for this type of mission. The only thing I could be guided by is love, the love that Theresa taught me in the last two years. Prior to Theresa's coming, I knew what the word “love” was, as defined in our earthly way—in dictionaries and through personal experience—but I didn't realize to what great heights you rose when you really understood love—a heavenly type of love.

VeronicaEverything that I'm telling you now is in writing with dates; and like Theresa said, after I leave, this is all for the Church. That's the mission from Heaven.

Veronica—While we are discussing figures from Heaven, at this time, I would like to

An early photo of the seer Veronica Lueken

briefly go back to the date of August 1968, when I saw my first vision. I was walking down Springfield Blvd., and I just chanced to look up into the sky, when before my startled eyes, there appeared this large iron cross.

But, anyway, as I looked at this cross, there appeared in the center of the upper part of a chalice, just the cup without the stem—the cup disappeared and in its place, in the center, there was Jesus. I could see just His face down to the area above the chest, like where His chin area was. And, oh! I saw Him as living as you and l would be, looking face to face. I do remember His face so vividly. l will never forget it.

He has a beautiful face for a man, not just because He is God: there was no hardness, no anger, none of these earthly