Early Years 10 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


was no suggestion that the Turkish Cypriote minority had anything to do with the attempt on the life of the President, a Greek Cypriote. Instead, suspicion seemed to center on various armed extremist groups in the Greek Cypriote community who are hostile to President Makarios's policies.

“The shots, fired from the roof of a high school opposite the palace, missed the Archbishop by inches. One of them hit the pilot beside him in the back, gravely wounding him. Nevertheless the pilot, identified as Zacharias Papadoyiannis, managed to fly the helicopter over the palace roof and landed safely in a vacant lot on the other side.

“'I am sorry, sir, I am wounded,' he told President Makarios and collapsed. The bearded Archbishop, his black robes spotted with the pilot's blood, accompanied the pilot to Nicosia General Hospital, where he was in critical condition.

"The attempt, shortly after 7 A.M., occurred while President Makarios was leaving for memorial services at a monastery outside Nicosia for Gregoris Afxentiou, who was killed in the war for independence from Britain in the late nineteen-fifties.

“The president made the trip anyway, by automobile. Seemingly in good spirits, he addressed the meeting of veterans of E.O.K.A., a wartime resistance organization, without referring to the incident. At several points, he was seen testily asking his heavy security guard to move farther away.”


APRIL 7, 1970
Veronica—This is the message of April the 7th, 1970, for the world, from Heaven: “The road to the Kingdom of God is found in the reading of the Scriptures. Man does not know God. He no longer looks for Him in the revelations of the holy Bible. The soul in exile can only be nourished by the words of God through Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross. The Holy Bible is your family heirloom.... [words unclear] partake of the precious gift of the Lamb, and keep your eyes in the Bible as the darkness closes in about us.”


Veronica—. . . And it was in April of 1970 that Our Lady first said, “I will come when the roses are in bloom.” And the roses bloom in June here in New York.

So I had expected, being then, waiting for the roses to bloom, never knowing that Our Lady would be here in advance of the month of June to tell us of Her incoming visit, so to speak. And that is when one of my neighbors, Grace Pera, was permitted also to see Our Lady on the ball; that was May the 19th, 1970. And I'm going over to her apartment now, and see if she would tape her story for us. (She's given the transcript of it to Vers Demain, the newspaper in Canada, I understand, her relation of how she saw Our Lady on the ball, and the cross on top of the ball) But, perhaps, if I go over there now, I can get her story on tape.

MAY 17, 1970
Veronica—Oh, there is a message of May, the 17th of May, 1970, which was given to me from Theresa, for Our Lady: “Man has found ways of sophisticated sin, far more diabolical than any mind but satan could devise. Man goes to his destruction by his own devisement.”

MAY 19, 1970
Veronica—Now as time went on, on May the 19th a strange set of events set in. Now, I didn't


In Heaven's goodness, and perhaps with the plans for the future, this was averted. This does prove the power of prayer, from loving hearts to Heaven.

MARCH 6, 1970
Locution from the Holy Spirit to Veronica: “My children, My children, why do you not listen to Me?”

Veronica—This is the message given to Veronica by the Holy Spirit: “At the moment of conception, I breathe the Spirit of life. No man has the right to destroy a creation from the Most High. For this transgression, the sorrow of sorrows approaches. Repent while there is time; turn back, for the darkness approaches.” This message was also given in April, 1970.