Early Years 11• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


expect this, but Our Lady didn't say anything would happen on May the 19th. So I worked that day, on May the 19th. And there on my back porch, there are a lot of roses in the backyard, by the bathroom window and the kitchen window where I usually stare out into, (I would say, in Heaven's direction, the eastern sky). So I noticed these two wild roses, red ones on the bush.

Now to me that was strange, because I had been waiting for the roses to bloom, when we were not in Bayside, as far as I could understand—all around Bayside, no roses. Well, I passed that out of my mind, and about 4 o'clock that afternoon, it was dark and dreary and rainy. I was...[words unclear] and shocked to look in my back yard, and instead of seeing two roses, the whole bush was filled with roses!

Now I'd began to wonder what's going on, because how did the whole bush get filled up in a few hours? Well, my brother, I had told him about it and well, he's the type that...[words unclear] used to odd things, you know. But then around 6:20 that evening, the sun came out—oh, it was beautiful, like the first day of summer! So, my brother said, "Well, let's open the windows and air out the apartment", because it was stuffy. So I opened the bathroom window, and oh! what a shock—there in the sky was this man! Now, I could see him from his waist up, and I knew immediately he was a saint or an apostle,


because he had that wonderful good—and you get a feeling, whenever you see anyone from Heaven. People have asked me, how can you tell a Heavenly person. Well, you don't have to know, you feel! Because it sends a cause of feeling through you that's so good that you could lie there suspended, and just watch him forever. But during that—there sort of goes through you a good feeling, that's beyond anything that you could ever experience, anywhere on Earth, that you are, ah! like in a state of suspended animation, you know!


hand over his head, and the strange thing, I thought was he's got a mitten on his hand! Now, I must bring attention to that mitten, because several weeks later Our Lady requested—the Fathers of St. Robert's—She said, “Mittens must be worn in all formal processions.”

Now, Our Lady when She's saying mittens, she means gloves. So there was this fellow waving with a mitten on his right hand, over his head! Now, from the chain of events that happened later, I know he was heralding Our Lady's coming. Now, I didn't know that at the time, but now I know what that mitten was, you know, formal processions ... [words unclear] All ... [words unclear] signs from Heaven.

Well, anyway, he passed by, in a southwest direction, and then as I watched the sky, there came this light. And I was a little startled, but then I really, really shook, because I thought, “this is the end times”, because out of this light emerged this large ball. At first, I thought the moon was falling! It was a big white ball, and I was startled, you know, and I watched as it came out of the clouds, and soon though—oh! there, on top of the ball was Our Lady!

Now first She looked like a statue of about 4 feet high, and I thought it was a statue in church, you know! So I was looking, but the ball floated—like I said the ball was floating. (Everyone from Heaven seems to float, they


St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who accompanied Our Lady in Veronica's first vision on May 19, 1970.

So I looked at this man, and I remember he was a young fellow, and he had curly hair—you have to remember this because I found out later who he was from Our Lady—but the strange thing about it was, he wasn't looking towards me. He was traveling like, southwest, and he was waving with his