Early Years 12• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


don't walk, they float-like—glide.) So the ball floated closer to me, and I could see Our Lady, and that She wasn't a statue, because the wind was blowing through Her dress.

Now She was floating—She didn't say a word, and I wasn't close enough to see Her face, but what I could see, because there was a sky-blue . . . [words unclear] so I'm sure She was dressed in white, white, what might have been a pale blue, but it looked white to me. Then She passed into the clouds, and then She was gone.

But then what happened when She passed by was so beautiful! I have the treasure of the world already, because down through the sky were rays—thousands of slivers of cut glass, diamonds ...thousands! And the sun shone through them, you know, the sun was shining through them. And I looked at this, and I'd seen the treasures beyond anything that you could see here; to me the world looks like a dark and dreary place, and the world is just as nothing compared to what I saw in Heaven in the past two years! So then, that just lasted an instant, it was, oh, millions of pieces of cut glass! Oh, and the sun was shining through them! Oh, and then it was over, and I ran back into the kitchen, and I got my brother up, and I said, “Guess what I saw!”

So then, I had to tell my friend Gracie, Jesus


decided to send me what Theresa called a “companionable spirit,” to sort of console me, I guess, and someone I could talk to, because He's knows I'm a real...[word unclear], you know. So He sends Grace to me.

So, anyway, Grace is the twenty-seven year old girl next door; and she's a working girl, whereas I'm a housewife with a family, but she's a business girl. So she came over for coffee after she was done with work, and I wanted to tell her all


looked more like an outline of a, a smoky-gray outline of the ball, and then the cross on the top.

But then the ball started to float in the same direction as it was when I saw it—ah, but then as it got closer outside, the cross seemed to disintegrate or evaporate, and there She was! Our Lady standing on the ball! So when Grace and I saw it together, it was a little different than when I saw it through the bathroom window; so She would seem to be real solid-like, from the waist up, we could see Her; but from the waist down—I think it's because the clouds were going through Her—She looked more transparent, but there She was!

And Grace and I stood there in shock, with my son Raymond in the kitchen, he's saying, “Let me see! Where is She?”...[words unclear] but don't get excited, you're...[words unclear] Well, Grace went home calmly, while I'm just oh!...[words unclear].

That's when Our Lady starting directing me. Now She gave me explicit things I was to tell this one, and that one, and this one, and everything. Now then there were directives to St. Robert's. Now Our Lady said—I'll start down the list. First She said mittens were to be worn on all formal occasions, that I was to send that to the Fathers.


A cross upon the world

A cross upon the world

how I saw Our Lady on the ball. So, I took her to the kitchen window, and she said, “Well, where did you see Our Lady?”

Well, I was starting to point in the direction beyond the tree where Our Lady was on the ball, when we got the shock of our life! There in the sky was placed a huge ball, but on the top a big cross, a big cross on the ball. Now, it didn't look like the ball Our Lady was on, but it