Early Years 13• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


Then She told me to tell the Fathers in writing, and also through phone calls (which I did), that they were to provide facilities for the pilgrims. And then, also, they were to make available chairs for the elderly and the infirm. Then they were to announce at all Sunday Masses—now they got, each priest got, a letter for everything Our Lady requested—in order to announce at all Sunday Masses Our Lady's coming; and because Our Lady said She did not want any of Her children to miss the opportunity to see Her.

Now if you listen to this, you can understand why Our Lady was so broken-hearted on the 18th, and why only a handful of graces could She give; because She said if only one, one of Her requests had been heeded, She could see. But none were answered. Then She asked me to write to the nuns at the convent, and tell them to prepare the children (which I did) and to be there, and give Her a proper welcome (which I did, which they didn't). And then She also told me to send the drawing of the Shrine and called—which She said would be called, “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.” And that was to go to Fr. Mc Donald—Msgr. Mc Donald, the pastor, which I did.

And also I was to call Fr. Dunne, an old ... [words unclear], I must call him...[words unclear], though I hate to mention names,

but, like I say, I wouldn't want to be like —sound antagonistic to our Fathers, but as a basic truth we did try our best to do as Our Lady said; I did, honestly. I also called Fr. Dunne, and I told them that Our Lady had told me to call him and tell him that he is to bring all peoples—with an “s”, Our Lady stressed that I must stress the “s” on it —“bring all peoples.” So Fr. Dunne said, “I'll be deposed.”


and everything. That was about two days before She was to come.

I should have realized that something was wrong, but I didn't; that [that was] the sign She was giving me, but I didn't take it because I was so overjoyed at Her coming, that I didn't take that sign that She was unhappy.

But I couldn't understand, because the next day when Martha Hulsman—I picked her up at the airport—the next day, we went back to see the statue, and Our Lady's face had returned to being calm and serene. So I sort of forgot, about seeing Her face like She had been crying all the time. Her eyes were all puffed over the lids and closed shut.

Also, Our Lady was most unhappy because I wrote to all the Fathers, and told them that Our Lady had requested that the ladies of the Rosary Society run a continuous Rosary, and Our Lady even suggested that I write and tell them that in order to do this She would suggest that the ladies “stagger”—that's the word She used, “stagger”—take turns so that it wouldn't be too difficult on the others, but they didn't even do that.

So not one thing that Our Lady asked me to do at...[words unclear] Our Lady cried so piteously,


Veronica plays a hymn on tape recorder at the beginning of one of the early Vigils.

So I have the feeling he was kidding there. Till the very end, I hoped that they would listen to one thing I told them. And then there were other things that—but then, the day came, and went; and that very day that I gave that directive, and he said, “I'll bring the flowers.”—I passed by Our Lady's statue setting on the lawn, and I got a terrible fright, because the face had changed and there, the statue, I saw Her eyes swelled up, swelled shut, as though She had been crying a long time. And Her lip was curled under,