Early Years 14• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


and that's why everything happened the way it did, you know, Thursday night, because I thought even though we prayed fifteen hours on our knees, after hearing Our Lady cry, like She did—you will read the message, everything that Shirley Mc Carter took down, that she tried to catch what I was trying to repeat.

Veronica—At this time, I would like to tell you how I saw Our Lady on May the 19th, that's 1970. Well, as I said before, I was waiting for the roses to bloom in New York, but I figured that would be around June, thought maybe it was June. So I remember on May the 19th, it was a dark and dreary day, it had been raining off and on, and it was a muggy day—in these apartments here in New York, you do feel the oppressive heat—so I had opened the bathroom window that looks onto the backyard, and there's a large rosebush there with wild roses. But naturally I didn't expect to see any there, because watching the neighborhood, watching for the blooming of the first rose, I would have noticed that we were due for roses—but the roses, as I have said, don't bloom until June here in New York.

Well, on May the 19th, it was approximately 8 o'clock in the morning, when I was surprised to see a rose—two roses on the rosebush, out through my bathroom window. Well, I thought that was strange,


but I passed it out of my mind with the occupation of the day, and I came back about 4 o'clock, and happened to look out of the kitchen window which also faces on the backyard, and I was quite startled to see, instead of two roses, it appeared that from the time from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, the whole bush had bloomed with roses.

Well, I thought that very strange. But not being one to jump ahead, it never dawned on me that anything miraculous would be happening.


Oh, what a gorgeous view from the back windows! So my brother said to open the windows and we'd get some air into the apartment. Well, I opened the bathroom window—and naturally the view is right up to the sky—and I was startled! For there in the sky was a man. I could see him from his—oh, chest up. Oh, he was a curly-haired young fellow and very pleasant, and just as living as you and I, so I knew then I was having a vision.

Well, he was waving with his right hand over his head. But you see, I was looking into the eastern sky, and he was traveling towards my right, you know, in the direction of my right hand, I believe, that would mean, about, oh, southwest, I guess. So it didn't seem that he was noticing my watching this going on, because he was waving very joyfully to someone in the distance, that he could perhaps see!

And, but the strange thing, on his hand was a mitten, a glove. Now I thought that was quite odd, not knowing at the time what that meaning was, which I found out later. But anyway, he passed on, and my attention was drawn to the sky again by this light. Well, as I watched this light in curiosity, all of a sudden I thought, "Oh, this is the end of the world!" For through the sky came what appeared at first to be the moon falling! A huge, white ball! It started to come through the clouds, bottom first through.


The seer Veronica Lueken at a Vigil in 1970.

But since one does get used to the supernatural, and the manifestations happening, that you kind of take it in stride. Well, it was around 6 o'clock when all of a sudden, on275

this dark and dreary afternoon or evening, the sun came out. Oh, it was beautiful! It was like the first day of summer.