Early Years 15• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


When all of a sudden, as it came forward, there on top of this ball, was Our Lady! Well, from the distance, She looked at first like a statue—oh, about four feet high at the most. But then as the ball floated closer—I say floated, because I do want to remark that everyone from Heaven doesn't walk like you and I, they seem to float, glide! Well, this ball was floating. It was a large, round ball, whitish in color, but like I said, the gray of the sky and the blue cast might have destroyed the color, but it did appear to be sort of a white-looking ball.

Well anyway, there was Our Lady standing on this ball. Now the ball was floating in the direction that the young man, that I knew was a saint or an apostle, because oh! he looked so wonderful! He had such a happy peaceful look on his face! So joyous that I knew right away that he was an apostle, or a saint.

But anyway, Our Lady's standing on the ball, when the ball came closer towards me, I knew She couldn't be a statue because the wind was blowing through Her skirt and it—oh, I could see that Her skirts were very full. Our Lady always wears very full clothing, way down to the tips of Her feet. I haven't seen Our Lady's hair. Yes, I saw Our Lady's hands once, but I had never seen Her feet, because of Her full skirts. And Our Lady had this mantle-like scarf over Her head. Now for the color I couldn't be exact


about the color, it could have been a sort of gray-blue, or almost a white.

But anyway, the ball with Our Lady on it started to float into the clouds, and I couldn't see Her any longer. But then when She passed on, I had the most beautiful gift from Heaven! For there from the sky, there fell these thousands of slivers of crystalline, or crystal glass, cut chips of diamonds—there's no human words to describe the beauty of this! It was like raining cut diamonds or something! And the sun was shining


Well, it was about 7 o'clock, Grace had had her dinner, so I asked her to come over to the apartment for coffee, because Grace is a working girl and she spends a full day at the office; but often she drops in for coffee, and it's been Grace who's been with me when Heaven had many manifestations that she was allowed to share. So she was a companionable spirit also in the last year or so. So we were sitting down having our coffee, and I was telling Grace about Our Lady standing on the ball, and this wonderful saint or apostle that was with Her; and she asked me to show her through the kitchen window where saw Our Lady.

Well, we went to the kitchen window and I was pointing to the sky where Our Lady had appeared when—oh, my goodness!—there in the sky was the huge ball again, but it had a different appearance. The only way you could explain it was like a smoky-gray outline of this huge ball, and there on top of it was a large cross. Oh! We were really shocked! Grace stood there with her mouth open, and, of course, I got overjoyed. I said, "There She is again!" Though Our Lady wasn't on it then.

But then this ball, with the large cross on the top started to float towards the clouds. But before it went into the clouds—the only way I can explain it is that the cross seemed to disintegrate or evaporate, just disappeared gradually—and there She was! Our Lady! Standing on the ball again.



A statue of the Virgin Mary

through them and causing them to glitter. Oh! It was so beautiful! There are no words to describe! So then I ran outside because that only lasted an instant and then it was over—and I ran out to my brother, and then I waited excitedly for Grace Pera to come home because I wanted to tell her how I saw Our Lady on the ball.