Early Years 16• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


tShe looked a little different [than] when I saw Her through the bathroom window. This time, due to the clouds probably passing in front of Her, She looked sort of very solid from the waist up, but from the waist down, Her skirt looked kind of transparent—that's the only way I can explain it, and I myself saw the other figure with Her, standing next to Her; it was, I knew, the same apostle or saint who I had seen from the bathroom window. But Grace doesn't remember seeing him there. She was so shocked just to see Our Lady.

Veronica—Well, that evening on May the 19th was when Our Lady started talking to me with directives about Her coming. Well, it was a long list of circumstances, or quite a long story involved with Our Lady's coming, and how She set up the plan which I have tried to give on the taping at various times. But anyways, that evening, many people have asked me, “Well, who was this apostle or Saint, this nice-looking man who was with Our Lady when She was on the ball?”

Well that evening, when Our Lady was talking to me, giving me directions to give to St. Roberts, I asked Her who this nice-looking young man was and She said, “St. Aloysius!” That's the way it was pronounced, Aloysius. So I had never heard of a St. Aloysius, so I woke my husband up—this was quite late in the evening, it was about 12 o'clock, I guess, midnight—and I asked Art

if he had ever heard of a St. Aloysius. So he said, well no, but we have a saints book and we would look it up. So I went all through the “A's” and finally I found the one, it said, “Aloysius ... Aloie” it looked like in the book Gonz—Gonzaga, or something like that.

Well, we started reading about Aloysius' life, and oh!—were we surprised! Because on reading his life, it stated in the same book that the father confessor and the teacher of St. Aloysius, the one who taught him


St. Robert's, which I did by telephone, and by writing letters to them. And, well, actually, being human, the good Fathers just couldn't really...[words unclear] into a story, like they said. Now, they had to have proof.

Naturally, I guess, since the history of the Church, I mean the Church has been in existence a long time, and I do imagine there are many souls that have come that weren't quite, let's say, on the up and up, and came with stories and hallucinations. So by now they are very cagey about acknowledging anything supernatural.

So, I accepted the letdown. I naturally, in my exuberance, I expected them to really be overjoyed, and the spirit would catch on of Our Lady's coming. Not realizing that it wasn't happening to them but to me, and that seemed outside the light of grace temporarily, that they couldn't understand.

Veronica—Well, we have all the arrangements. Oh, the days became so exciting waiting for the 18th. Oh, I didn't explain to you, I was quite surprised that Our Lady picked the date “18th”. In fact, when I asked Our Lady what day She was going to come to New York, when the roses bloomed, She said, “June the 18th.” Well, I was quite surprised. I wondered why not July, August, or September. Well, right now I was surprised because it was through talking to Joseph Lomangino, by telephone, that he asked


0ur Lady, Queen of the Universe

0ur Lady, Queen of the Universe

everything he knew, and they fought heresy and tried to keep true doctrines of the Church intact, was St. Robert Bellarmine! That is the name of my church!

Well, that evening and on towards—that was May the 19th—and on through the latter part of May and into June, Our Lady gave me many directives to give to the Fathers at