Early Years 18• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


or the moon's coming through the sky, or something. So I looked up, and then though, I looked to the top of the ball—it covered a great part of the sky—and there was Our Lady standing on the ball, and She was as human and as solid as you and I.

Oh! She was dressed in this beautiful white gown, and She had Her hands out, like, in our statues of Our Lady of Grace; but, oh, She was smiling and, just standing on this ball. The ball was solid, but yet it seemed to be weightless, because the ball was floating across the sky in front of my view, going like from left to right.

And, also, at the side of the ball, a young man, a very, very nice-looking young man with curly blondish hair, and he was waving—he was like accompanying Our Lady. He was standing, also, at the side of this ball, and being carried along with it, and he was waving! And on his hand, waving, there was a white glove. Our Lady later said it was a mitten. And, of course, through the apparitions later with Our Lady, She said that mittens must be worn in all public processions—mittens, Our Lady calls the gloves “mittens.”

Now I waited until Grace Pera (She was a young girl in quite a different vocation, or let's say, career than I had as a housewife and mother. Grace was a stenographer, a career girl, a business girl, and a young girl in her twenties at


the time), and I waited for her to come home, because she was a very spiritual girl, and she had often been over to my apartment. We had discussed Jesus and Our Lady, and the road with us in our human lives on Earth. So I knew that she would be happy to hear what had happened. So I waited for her to come home—it was about, a little after seven in the evening when she arrived home—and I rushed into the house, and I was making coffee. And I was telling her what happened, and she said, “Where did you see Our Lady? You know, show me where you saw Her!”


to see that somebody else was seeing something besides me! You know, it kind of helps, like, to have company! So we looked up, and there in the sky—it was a little different now. When I saw Our Lady on the ball, it was a solid ball, I don't know how to explain it. A solid, heavy ball, and Our Lady was as human as you and I—real solid.

But now, what we saw was a huge ball, made like a smoke-ring. It was floating; it was more supernatural-looking than when Our Lady first appeared that afternoon. And it was like a smoke-ring, a huge smoke-ring right up in the sky, and it was passing from left to right, the same as when I saw Our Lady earlier. And we looked upwards, and instead of the—there was a cross, a large cross, made also very smoky-looking, on top of this huge globe-like ring.

But then as we watched, the cross began to dissipate, or disintegrate, like vanish, like vapor blowing away, and there was Our Lady standing on top of the ball again! But this time She was very wispy-looking and smoky, sort of. Not like when I saw Her earlier, and then that lasted—it's hard to say when you see something like this, how long a time it was; but I would think it was only a matter of a few moments before it all just disappeared going from left to right across the sky, over the buildings.

Now, since Grace is staying with me this week, I


Our Lady of Grace

So I took her to the kitchen window, though at the time I was standing at the bathroom window; they're side by side facing the same direction, the east, I found out later, but I took her to the kitchen window. And Raymond, my young son that is in Heaven now with Jesus, he was doing some dishes, or something at the sink, and we started to hop up and down, because when we looked out the kitchen window, Grace was shocked; and I was, of course, happy