Early Years 19• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


would like you to hear what Grace has to say about this because it's very important. At this time, that May of 1970, after this happened, I called Joey Lomangino in Lindenhurst. Joey, of course, is the leader of the group of Garabandal apparition children, the apparitions that appeared to the children in Garabandal earlier. And I knew he would surely like to hear this, and, of course, this has always been a very sore spot in my heart for Joey, because actually I felt—well, Our Lady told me to call him in the first place! That was in May of 1970, after this happened, this voice, that I can't explain to you—I knew it was Our Lady, though it was like—they call it a locution, I guess. When She told me to call Joey, I wasn't like unconscious, or in a trance, like during the vigils; I was just standing there when Our Lady said to me, “Call Joey!”

So I called Joey Lomangino, and I told him what had happened, and then I put Grace on the phone, so she could tell him, and I remember at the time, that he asked Grace, “Do you believe what you see?” And she said, “Well, I saw it! I was standing there!”

Veronica—But I would like you now to hear from Grace Pera. I do hope that she'll remember to put everything that she can into the taping, so that [the] peoples of the world will know what happened when Our Lady first appeared in May of 1970, in reference to the starting of the Shrine


in Bayside. Because you know that St. Theresa and Our Lady appeared to me first in 1968, in June of 1968.

Veronica—In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now I will give the tape over to Grace, and I pray that she can remember all the details, that are so important to mankind, and the words of Our Lady's beginning of Her Shrine at Bayside.


directed by Our Lady to call Joey Lomangino in Lindenhurst to tell him of what we had just seen. Joey was very happy to hear the news, and said that, “It was surely a miraculous sign,” and that Veronica should write down everything about it, and send it to him. I thank God every day Jesus and Mary for giving me the privilege of seeing what I saw, and I know that this experience will remain with me for my entire life.

HER 2nd TESTIMONY (July 27, 1970)
Grace Pera—Hello, this is Grace Pera. I want to express the wonderful experience I had on the evening of May 19th. I was having coffee at Ronnie's, when I wandered by the window.

I happened to look up at the sky. It was a dismal sky, without a cloud, as the sky would appear before a rainstorm. There I beheld a dark gray circle moving across the sky, and there was a cross above the circle. But as it moved, the cross started dispersing itself, like smoke, and there appeared the outline of our Blessed Mother; and within a second, the entire view disappeared.

Another experience I had was about a year ago, in August of 1969. I was walking [on] this particular night with Ronnie[Veronica]. We happened to look up at the moon. The moon was very orange, but, to our amazement, we saw drippings falling from the moon, and there

The Garabandal children seeing the Virgin Mary

Grace Pera—Hello! This is Grace Pera, and I want to give testimony of seeing Our Lady at the home of Veronica, Bayside, in May of 1970. I was at Veronica's, and earlier in the day Veronica was telling me of her experience of seeing Our Lady through the window. At that moment I went to the window, and I couldn't believe my eyes! There floating through the air was a...[words unclear], with the cross on top, and as it was moving along, the cross dispersed into the outline of Our Lady. Veronica was then