Early Years 20• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


was an illumination around the moon, as though the moon was on fire. It made one recall the Bible teachings of the moon bleeding. And this was exactly what it looked like.

Veronica—During this time, also, Our Lady gave me instructions, I mean directives, to the Fathers, like make facilities for the pilgrims. And Our Lady said thousands will pass by the doors of St. Robert's. But also to provide chairs for the elderly and infirm, and to notify the nuns in the convent so that they can make ready for the children for Our Lady's coming, and also to ask [the] Fathers to announce at all the Masses on the previous Sunday Our Lady's coming, as Our Lady did not want any of Her children to miss this opportunity to see Her, or to...[words unclear] when She arrived.

And also I called Father Dunne, and I asked him, I told him that Our Lady had said that he was to bring all peoples with an “s”. And Father said, “I'll bring the flowers!” And, right now, I think that quite funny, but at the time I knew it was just a way of saying that he wasn't going along with the whole thing, you know.

And well, I just leave that in Our Lady's hands, because many of the things that are difficult to carry through, have their reasons for their difficulty. I find that in the long run, you find the things that were such heavy crosses were


more, really like ...[words unclear] blessings, and gathering more blessings, because by the hardship of a thing, we reach out and gather many more souls than if we had a straight and easy course.

Veronica—Oh, I want to, also, tell you that during this time previous to Our Lady's arrival on June the 18th—ah, there were so many companionable spirits that came my way. St.


or mantilla on my head. Well, in our present modern age, you could imagine how difficult it was to find a dress like this, especially in my size, because I am quite well fed! So, Emma Jacobson—oh, she asked if I would allow her to make the dress and oh! I was so overjoyed. I thought that was so wonderful, you know, and I knew when the dress, when it was finished, it was just like a blessing from Heaven. For, with a little bit of fitting and everything, we did before the making of the dress, it fitted like it was just sent right from Heaven. It was perfection in fitting.

So, oh, I don't know how I could ever thank Emma [enough] for this wonderful dress, and for the love she's shown in making it for me; and also Joan Smissima, when she gave me the mantle that was so specially blessed. And it was a beautiful mantle, too. And I wear that at all the vigils, too.

Veronica—On June the 6th, 1970, at approximately 10 p.m., I asked Our Lady, “Will you cure Joey?” Our Lady said, “I cannot tell you now, as you are [not] wont to keep a secret. Your love of sharing makes your heart open for all to read, so patiently watch the signs.” I had to look up the word “wont” W-0-N-T, and I read that, “You are not used to.” So I really had to laugh; Our Lady knows me exactly! Because I do find it difficult to keep a secret!


The old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside, NY

The old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside

Theresa with saint helpers and chosen ones from Heaven.

Well, I would like to mention that at this time...[words unclear] that the dress that I wore at Our Lady's coming, that I wear at all the vigils—you see Our Lady requested that, She told me what I was to wear. That the dress would be blue, must be blue, or white, with long sleeves and belted, you know, with a belt on it in the front. And also—that could be blue or white—and then I was to wear a white scarf