Early Years 21• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


Veronica—I think I, also, would tell at this time that previously I had a vision in which I saw Joey and Our Lady, and Our Lady placed Her hands on Joey's shoulders from behind, as he was kneeling in front of what appeared to be a Shrine. I was watching in the vision from the rear, so I couldn't see what he was kneeling in front of.

But I'll never forget how beautiful it was when Our Lady raised Her hands—but I just couldn't see where She had placed them, around his head, or something—and then as I watched, She moved over to Joey's left side, and placed Her right arm around his right shoulder, and it was so affectionate and loving, it was so beautiful to see.

Veronica—I also was given a message for Joey by Our Lady, and I did give it to him over the telephone, and, I believe, in writing. Our Lady had said, “Gather the lilacs from the bush, and bring them to the Shrine.” And this I told Joey, though in Heaven's plan, sometimes I believe that these messages are for future use. But it was through this way that the lilacs and the mention of the Shrine, that Our Lady revealed to me about the coming of the Shrine to St. Robert's, and gave me the drawing of what the Shrine will look like, and also the name, Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.

It's quite a long, involved story, but I've only


given you—let's say, a small part of it—but perhaps later on, in the future tapings, I will be more full in the explanation.

Veronica—I do want to mention at the time of June the 18th, when Our Lady was planning to arrive in New York, She did give me this message for the world, and She said: “Close your eyes, close your ears, listen with your heart, and you will be cured.” What Our Lady did mean by that, I would be feeling


Raymond Lueken—I saw Saint Theresa [in1968] in my mother's bedroom. She had a fat face, that looked all lit up. I told it to all the kids...some of them made fun of me. I keep this now a secret.

My name is Raymond Lueken. I'm 12 years old, but I was 10 when I saw Saint Theresa. Hello, this is Raymond Lueken. People think we have spooks in our house because Cardinal Cushing's letter came flying across our living room. Over five feet across! Wow! (given July 27, 1970).



Veronica with her son Raymond

is that, shut your eyes against what you see ... [words unclear] intimately and close your ears, because what you hear is not always the truth. You must listen only with your heart. For it is in your heart that the Holy Spirit will talk, and give you the truth and the light to understand.

Veronica—But the figure of the white horse might have perplexed me, but about two weeks ago, this is June of 1970, I saw a figure on a black horse. A black horse just turned across the