Early Years 3• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


was actually August, 1968], I was walking down Springfield Blvd, and if I recollect rightly, it was a Monday morning.

And, oh, was I frightened! There in the sky, as I looked up, there appeared—the whole sky was covered by a black Eagle. A black Eagle! It covered the whole sky. That I wouldn't mind, but then this voice screamed at me, “Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the Earth!” So I was frightened. I ran into Landsdon's — the five and ten. I called my husband. He told me, “Well, don't get upset. Go on home and relax.”

Well, I got home and, instead, I got on the telephone. I wired Cardinal Cushing: “Cardinal Cushing, please listen to me! I know you don't believe anything I tell you, but listen to Theresa, not me. I saw a black Eagle, and there's going to be a war


some place, and you've got to DO something!” Well, instead, no one listened; and I also called Saint Robert's parish. See, all these two years I've been telling all these things, and nobody ever listens to me. So, finally the next day—I believe it was a Tuesday, if I remember rightly—Czechoslovakia was invaded.¹ And I knew exactly what was happening, but nobody cared. . .


Veronica—I do want everyone to know that nothing is impossible with Heaven. And thinking of Our Lord's graces to those He choses to distribute these graces to, even upon the most unworthy of souls like myself, I can't help but remember August 1968, when even I was skeptical, and wondering whether I should go along with my neighbors and friends and family, who at the time hadn't received the grace, the light from Heaven, to understand what was going on. They thought that I was just plain crazy, that I had flipped, in the modern way of putting it.

Well, after all, in the beginning, before I was giving the full grace of understanding oneself, with everyone else telling you that you were crazy, you begin to wonder how can you stand alone. So, that afternoon, in August, I was walking down the street to the stores, and I was thinking of this when St. Theresa said to me, “So you still doubt, and must have physical proof!”

Well, of course, I didn't want Heaven to think that it was always necessary to always give me signs, because that would show a awful lack of faith on my part, and I didn't want to offend Heaven, or my Family in any way. But I guess that They felt that this small soul needed



Soviet tanks crush the reform-minded Czech government in Prague in Aug. '68

“PRAGUE, Wednesday, Aug. 21—Czechoslovakia was occupied early today by troops of the Soviet Union and four of its Warsaw Pact allies in a series of swift land and air movements.
“Airborne Soviet troops and paratroopers surrounded the building of the Communist Party Central Committee, along with five tanks. At least 25 tanks were seen in the city.
“[Soviet troops began shooting at Czechoslovak demonstrators outside the Prague radio building at 7:25 A.M., Reuters reported. C.T.K, the Czechoslovak press agency, was quoted by United Press International as having said that citizens were throwing themselves in front of the tanks in an attempt to block the seizure of the city.]
“The Soviet move caught Czechoslovaks by surprise, although all day yesterday there were indications of new tensions.”