of knowing that, at this present moment, never has satan been so unleashed upon souls; and his agents are coming from the abyss in full...[words unclear] swing. It is only through prayer and our faith, and our full trust in Our Father in Heaven, that we can avoid these agents and their devious methods; they're dragging us into the abyss with them. Now this writing was called His Satanic Majesty:

...[words unclear] with a choice of free will, will make us a disciple in the final choice of eternal goal. For there are among us oddly...[words unclear] for two majesties, God and Lucifer. In His love, Our Lord Jesus wants us to follow our hearts to Him, not through cajolery—of buying our affection through material things, but the priceless emotion of love, must be given freely; because we want to, and not because we have to. Fear never begets love.

What has Lucifer to offer...[words unclear] not God, he must ... [words unclear] be with cajolery...[words unclear] with material pleasures and diversions ... [words unclear] crying his way to us: “Live for today, forget God; live now, lie, cheat, steal. Who can see us?”...[words unclear] you want money and all the things this paper god...[words unclear] can buy. Friendship as long as the money lasts is always so little. There is only point of saturation, then death of the body; idolize the body,

pamper it with costly perfume, lotion, cremes, clothes, all ... [words unclear] to make us attractive to one another. But how do we look in the eyes of God? He sees no trimmings, only the bare soul. Will this be a beautiful gift to Him, or a repugnance to have him banished from His sight and too heartbreaking.

Satan has his envoys. Oh, there are many whom he works through—people, places, things. All ... [words unclear] to take, to turn the faithful from ... [words unclear] Heaven, would carry our souls to or away from Jesus. Which path are you

So you say there is Hell on Earth? Are you in a constant state of burning. Don't ... [words unclear] you use science and pleasure to ease your pain. In Hell, there will be no doctors to help. There will be—only the laughter of Lucifer as he ... [words unclear] extols his conquest before the dear Lord. His tears fall, but cannot extinguish the flames of Hell. Our Lord will cry the heartbreak of a loving parent who has lost a child.

Here on Earth our years are numbered—a temporary home of 50, 60, 70 years, more or less. The life hereafter is eternal; there is no measure of time in eternity. It will [be] then, now, and hereafter. This will be our new life eternal. Only those with the good hearts of children of pure love for goodness may enter the Kingdom of God. Better ... [words unclear] to serve a short or long duration of waiting for admission in a temporary limbo.... [words unclear]. Of course, we'll be more patient on the shores of the heavenly Kingdom where Peter examines our passports, and we'll be in quarantine for the time needed to make well our sick souls. Once the stigma of sin has been healed by our waiting penance, that is the anguish of reaching out, but Our Lord will be just beyond our reach. Then we will be taken to the gates of paradise by a heavenly guide.

Heaven offers happiness beyond all human ... [words unclear] words to describe, of goodness

Face of Satan appears over US Capitol Bldg.

Face of Satan over U.S. Capitol!
Intelligence agents testing a hand-held version of the ultra-sensitive thermographic "heat" cameras that are generally found on spy satellites photographed the hideously evil Face of Satan hovering over our nation's Capitol on November 17, '99. This was reported in a December 1999 Weekly World News.

traveling? One is easy, the other ... [words unclear] sacrifice and purpose. What purpose can Satan offer—eternal life in the furnace, damnation, anguish, sorrow, fear, Hell.

Early Years 5 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken