Early Years 6 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


that encompasses all human and spiritual emotions. Hell has no goodness to offer, a placing in the hands of a cruel master, another form for satan to torture with delight, another consort from a grieving Father. He will laugh at the trickery and devious methods he used to . . . [words unclear] you to the entreaties of God. God needed no trickery, or false illusions, or things material. He just gave His Heart and the blessed Truth.
Although ... [words unclear] many prefer to throw away ... [words unclear] subversion. Our Lord has His envoys, His Holy Church and teachers. There is salvation all around us, if we open our eyes to the truth. Satan has many helpers who work at his underground church, idle ... [words unclear] to pleasure and body worship. There are many disguises ... [words unclear] to cover the real purpose of soul destruction. Ask God to protect you and those you love against the blandishment of the devil's disciples ...[words unclear] our eyes and hearts to the truth.

Veronica—... this is what was told [to] me what would happen, Our Lady said that scientists and professional men would try to explain this as a physical phenomenon, because they are unwilling to admit this inadequacy to understand the difference between the physical body and the spiritual soul.

Veronica—On January the 10th, 1969, Theresa


gave me a message for the world: “Love is the essence of the odeur of divinity. Love surmounts all obstacles, a beacon to guide by to Jesus.'

Veronica-—“... keep the light of love burning, guide each soul to the eternal flame, to be consumed in the glorious warmth of the hearts of our blessed Family in Heaven.”

Veronica—... the 11th, 1969, Theresa to Veronica (I'm reading from the notes here): “I saw in the eastern sky an immense dragon with fiery nostrils chasing a poor camel in a northward direction. (Is this Egypt?)”


show us how to keep our heads above water in a world of rising tides, to guide our struggling masses to the shore, to find peace in the waiting arms of the Immaculate Mother of Grace, Mary, our Mother.”

Veronica—This message was given to me on May 14th, 1969: “We must subjugate the body to a state of subservience to the soul, for this shell must be an asset to its main body—the spiritual soul. Our human body must guard the spiritual soul from contamination. Living on Earth is but a temporary exile of purification.”

Veronica—ln May of 1969, Theresa directed me to write “Once There Was Paradise.” This explains in the form of a metaphor, and makes it most understandable to humans, the existence of the Blessed Trinity, the three Persons in one God.

“In the distant heavens, there lived a most loving Spirit. First, there was God, a God of love. Knowing love must be shared to be the fullest joy, He sort of subdivided Himself into a Family. Even a Spirit must share life eternal to reach the fullest degree of peace and joy, for love is in giving. He gave Himself to beget a Son and Holy Spirit. Even friendship exists between spirits, for our Father placed the angels to be a heavenly world, the light of love reflected from the Father, giving them all light sublime.


The most Holy Trinity in a vision as seen by Sr. Lucy of Fatima on June 13, 1929.

Veronica-—... the 1lth, 1969: “Life is a stream. The current flows faster and faster, while we battle to keep our heads above the angry surfaces ... [words unclear] anxiety, all ... [words unclear] to the ascent to the true trust, let us ... [words unclear] let our heavenly friends