Early Years 7 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


“Being so sensitive, He wanted this love to be given freely, not under obligation; so His angels and heavenly spirits were given a free will. Our Father's love outshone the darkness of disobedience. But the darkness soon reached the light; for Luciel, the most beloved of the angels, chose to forget this love of his Father and sought to covet the crown of authority.

Our Father cried, the Trinity cried, and Michael fought for those who loved, and shooed the fallen angels out to wander, the most despised of beings, living in the fires enkindled with their evil desires.

“Heart-saddened over His loss, our Father sought to ease the pain of this loss by creating more family, and calling him ‘man.’ Placed in another land called Earth, the loving heart of our Father knew the loss of loneliness and gave His earthly child a companion, Eve. All was paradise, a joy to our heavenly Father; but unknown to Him and His trusting heart, was a snake in the grass starting to wreck His Heaven on Earth. A devious plan took form. It was the battle of majesty between good and evil. All-trusting Blessed Father has . . . [words unclear] to trusting Lucifer, who was that snake in the grass, that His new children would forever be faithful and true, not prey to the blandishments to a fallen angel. Lucifer whispered to Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge placed in the garden by the Blessed Father. This tree was a monument


to the very weaknesses that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven, a warning for watchfulness: avoid the fruits of this tree that would be so appealing to the body, but would sicken and kill the soul. Lucifer was really puffed up with his own importance and figured that here were candidates for establishing his own kingdom — Not Heaven on Earth, but Hell on Earth!

So many things beautiful to the eye have been man's downfall, and forbidden fruit the most tempting. The serpent's . . . [words unclear] whispered on Eve proved the adage “out of


oldest of feminine wiles, plus a few new tricks thrown in by the most obliging Lucifer, Adam was a cooked, literally, pigeon. No longer could our Father spare the children the sorrows of the tree of knowledge, for they were now with a free will that could only be strengthened by love and asking forgiveness of the Father.

So life began in earnest. Man would have to earn his way back to Heaven, or join Lucifer in his kingdom. The choice is his to make. On the left would stand Lucifer, and on the right all Heaven. By now the devilish creature has many helpers, but Heaven has the best of fortifications, the power of God. Lucifer pampers the body, Heaven will nourish the soul.

Leaving the shackle of this body behind, we will fly off to eternity with joy, or find an eternity of misery, burning forever in the very desires that brought us to this miserable end with Lucifer. Jesus tells us to keep out of that darkness and always in Heaven's light.

Veronica—This was a message given on September 1st, 1969, and was to be sent to Pope Paul at the Vatican: “Dear Father of the Earth, it is with heavy heart that I must beg you, for the earthly salvation of all mankind, to turn back the pages of the present, to return our Holy Mother the Church to the laws of Christ. As a witness of the Holy Spirit, I must tell you that Jesus and the


Pope Paul VI

sight, out of mind.” Finding the deed more joyful than the awaited punishment that might lie ahead, since the wrath of our Father had not as yet descended, Eve would just have to share this newfound delight. With Lucifer's glib tongue, the delight grew sweeter by the moment. Using the