Early Years 8• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


Most High feel that you have innocently been misled to not visualize the destruction to souls wrought by the revision and acts of sacrifice left to the free conscience of the human soul.

“The word of God is eternal and must not be altered or changed. Restore all changes to the original word of God. Have men follow the rules with a love of God, not change the rules for the love of man. A child must be led in discipline, and not be catered to; for it will weaken the soul, and open the door for the entrance of the evil Spirit.”

Veronica—There was a very important message given by Theresa and Our Lady on September the 7th, 1969, at approximately 4:05 p.m. in my bedroom. Our Blessed Mother was crying bitterly as She said this:

“You men of God, you have to make the choice: My Son or the world. If you prefer the world, God have mercy on your short foresight. Then by all means, do not enter the halls of God; but once decided, seek not to bring sorrow to My Son; leave the Holy Church in peace. Take your decisions with you unnoticed. Expose not my Son's sanctuary to the laughter of the debased. The hand of destruction will fall upon you.”

Then the Holy Spirit, through the medium of St.

Theresa, instructed me to continue to write as told. Our Blessed Lady couldn't go on, so Theresa did:

St Theresa—“What is a priest? A priest is a man of God, a soul chosen from the multitudes to bring to the many children of God, the message of the divine Kingdom to come, to advance the cause for human dedication to the Divine Spirit, and lay out the narrow path that will lead to everlasting fulfillment.

“For this great honor, a man must be dedicated in spirit, in the sense that he be willing to live in mind and body in this world, but that precious hidden self, the spirit, must be within the Divine

sacrifice, through self-denial, and will subjugated to the will of God. One, as a teacher of the truth, must be able to place the full emotions and purpose of being within the spiritual plane.”

Veronica—There is another message in the notes that goes back to October the 15th, 1969. Given at approximately 1 PM in my bedroom, by the Holy Spirit:

“We are in needy times. The Chastisement is close at hand. Each Christian must take up the banner of Christ and go out into the world to gather just one sheep to save from the engulfment of desolation ahead. If each Christian would gather just one soul the entrance into Heaven would be magnificent and voluminous.

“If you love your brother, you could not see him in pain, physical or mental. Picture the torture of a damned soul, the anguish of heart to lose eternal happiness, the voices crying out from the fiery engulfment, and the pain of Our Father to have to turn away.

“Yes, at the final moment, all will know the truth! Too late! There will be no starting over, or going back; for this is time: past, present, future, now!”

Veronica—December the 11th, 1969, a Thursday, at 10:35 a.m., this message was given

A Priest offering the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

claim. This state is produced only through sincere love of God, a willingness to place the many pleasures and material things of our human environment second, next to the nourishment by

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