Early Years 9 • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken


to me by Theresa for Our Lady, in my bedroom: “The distant Kingdom is inhabited by people, live people, in spirit form. Awaken all people of the Earth to the reality of Heaven, for to know them is to love them.”

Veronica—in 1969, St. Theresa, in one of her locutions to Veronica, also stressed that the word “death” should be removed from the dictionary; for there is no such state as death; only the exit from our body, shell. For the real “you” is housed in the temporary housing for the soul or spirit, the human body casing, which we shed, so to say, on our trip to the Kingdom, in the company of the Heavenly guardians, the angels or the saints, or another inhabitant of Heaven whom our Father chooses to send us to escort us home.

St. Theresa has promised to be there when I arrive; that is, with the grace of Our Father. So Theresa told me that “just look for the girl with her arms filled with roses,” and I will know her. So you can see that passing away is a most glorious expectation.

Yes, you just fall asleep and wake up on the other side. Of course, there is judgment at that time for everyone, but if you love God the Father, and all of our Family in Heaven, this won't be such a terrorizing transference, as most people seem to feel; because actually we are not


going into a place that is really unknown, especially when we know and love all of our Family in Heaven.

January 14, 1970—Veronica was bewildered to see in the eastern sky a figure of a man on a white horse.

Veronica—On February the 8th, 1970, that was a Sunday, there was another message: “The darkness grows deeper, and the worse is yet to come; so gather all graces and live for the light, and . . .[words unclear] of Holy Church.” I don't at this time have the notes that this covered, but I will go on with the message:


Veronica—On February the 27th, 1970, there was a message that I thought perhaps you would be interested in hearing: Last night there appeared an exceptionally large star in the East.

Well, what this message is referring to is about a week previously, I saw in vision a holy man who was going to be assassinated; and it was such a frightful scene that I begged our Father in some way to forestall this. And later on, as time developed, that this holy man was Archbishop Makarios on the island of Cyprus; and we did solicit prayers at the Arch abbey in St....[words unclear] from the abbot and all the priests, to ask and plead with Heaven to prevent this assassination. And with the coming with the date—I believe it was March the 8th—there was an attempt made on Archbishop Makarios' life; his pilot in the helicopter was seriously wounded, and Archbishop Makarios was covered with blood.²


²The New York Times, March 9, 1970, p. 7, "Makarios is Safe in Sniper Attack: Pilot of Cyprus Leader Shot in Assassination Attempt," by Richard Eder.
"Nicosia, Cyprus, March 8—Archbishop Makarios, the President of Cyprus, barely escaped assassination this morning when machine-gun and rifle fire riddled his helicopter moments after it took off from the front of his archepiscopal palace here.

“The news spread rapidly through Nicosia, where many residents had been awakened by the shots. It caused grave apprehension on this island, which has been violently divided by the quarrel between Greek and Turkish Cypriotes. There were no reports of disturbances, however, and there

Archbishop Makarios, the President of Cyprus, narrowly escaped assassination on March 8, 1970.

“...and the need for Heaven's approaching intervention. Man no longer honors God, but the senseless, amorous, paganistic pleasures of the flesh. Our Lady will place Her blue mantle over those to be saved, and the light will direct the elect. So fear not, in the coming abominations.”