The ‘Teacher’





Photo confirms the ‘Teacher’

Miraculous photo taken of Frank Albas (on right) and André Telfer (on left) at the Bayside Easter Vigil on April 19, 2003, by Donald Gies of Wilmington, DE. The two persons are surrounded by white light patterns, and the inner circle area is bathed in light, and both are miraculously wearing white hats, but the one covering Mr. Albas appears to be in the form of a bishop's miter. Now the main function of a bishop is to teach the Faith. Heaven is once again confirming Their June 18, 1988 message that Frank indeed is truly the Teacher of souls at Bayside!


Who is the Teacher?

Our Lady at Bayside has said that all Her children would be tested to the breaking point. Each Bayside believer will have to decide individually as part of the same test Veronica was given on what is the meaning of the Teacher message. It is the ultimate test from Heaven whether they will obey God's will in following the message itself and not a person—or a seer—and call for the return of the Teacher.

The Shrine will be restored to its former state of joy and unity when each Bayside believer understands and implements the Teacher message!