January 1998 Newsletter

My warmest greetings and my heartfelt prayers go out to all subscribers to Roses From Heaven and to all visitors to this web site. I hope that your Christmas and New Year were happy and holy, and may the Infant Jesus fill your hearts with His joy and peace, as He did for the shepherds and the Wise Men at His birth.

We do have a lot of big, big news to share with you concerning what is going on at the Shrine in New York. It was with great reluctance and trepidation that I reported to you the sad news of the Shrine splitting up into two groups: those who are for Veronica's husband, Arthur Lueken, and those who are for Michael Mangan, the head of the full-time staff in New York. Arthur has since then won the Court case and exclusive rights over the Corporation of Our Lady of the Roses, its bank account, and all its property, including the Shrine office, warehouse, vehicles and equipment.apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,

The power struggle between these two--which apparently had been going on for some time--was finally brought out into the open mainly by Michael 's claims that Our Lady announced, in a locution to Veronica, that the Great Warning of Garabandal would occur in 1997. This "locution" happened while supposedly Michael and Veronica were engaged in a telephone conversation in 1994. Michael even asserts that Our Lady told us to add the "9" and "7", which apparently was supposed to give the exact date of the event. The "locution" was finally published in the Rose Notes Shrine newsletter in late 1996.

The purported revelation was immediately challenged by Mrs. Ann Ferguson, Veronica's longtime secretary and confidante, in a letter dated January 8, 1997*, and published on the Our Lady of the Roses web site in New York . Ann summarily dismissed the so-called locution as idle speculation, and reiterated Our Lady's message that no dates would be given. These sentiments were echoed by Mr. Gary Wohlscheid in his regular nationwide radio programs and on his web site, but going a step further he openly challenged Michael to produce the documentation in Veronica's own handwriting or on audiotape as proof of its authenticity. Well, Michael did not take kindly to someone challenging him to produce the hard evidence, so in a letter dated July 22,1997, he announced that Gary was no longer associated with the Shrine. The letter was also signed by Arthur Lueken, who has now recently disavowed his signature, claiming he did it only to appease Michael.

Gary appears to have based his position mainly on a private letter that he received from Arthur on or about February 10, 1997, which states: "Gary, between you and me and the light post; someone, not me, is full of 'monkey dust', and also I might be a 'doubting Thomas', [but] I just don't believe that there will be a Warning this year. What will happen to the Shrine then? ­ Lord help us!...

"When Veronica would have a locution, she would at once call Ann, this was always standard policy ­ always! This time she was not informed ­ Why? Just between you and me, there was NONE [no locution] at the times Michael says. I hope that whatever he said might have truth ­ as for me, I don't believe it will happen. However, I'm always prepared...but if nothing happens like a warning this year ­ what will happen to Our Lady's Shrine then? May I think out loud: would it be too unjust to say that a 'Satan' was in control?"

Well, 1998 is here and still no Warning! Time has run out and nothing has happened! This appears to confirm what many people claimed or suspected all along: Michael concocted this tissue of falsehood from the depths of his fertile imagination! Fidelis et Verus, a traditional Catholic newsletter which promotes the Bayside Message, boldly contradicted Michael 's Rose Notes' headline in its September 12, 1997 issue with its own headline "No Warning in 1997," again basing its claim on Arthur 's and Ann Ferguson's denial of this locution. As to Michael's motives for fabricating this story, I do not know, and for the present moment, I will not advance any theories on this question.

What should have raised warning flags in people's minds is that no one had wind of this locution except Michael. Not even one worker backs up his statement with facts, and what is most damning is that Arthur, Veronica's husband, and Ann Ferguson know absolutely nothing about the claimed revelation. For something this important, you would think that Veronica would take precautions to put it in writing, or at least on cassette tape. Yet how could Michael be foolish and self-destructive to the point of making up messages that would only discredit himself and Our Lady`s messages at the same time? Yet, that is exactly what Michael did, and in the process he has totally discredited himself and has seriously damaged the credibility of Our Lady's Mission at Bayside.

I was recently contacted by e-mail by someone who received a phone call from James Donahue. He told her that they had lost the court case, and that they were starting a new group called " The Order of St. Michael." He said to spread the word, and he also asked for financial help.

I promptly informed her to not even give a penny to Michael and James, or the so-called "Order of St. Michael."(Incidentally, any lay Order within the Catholic Church requires the approbation of at least the local bishop of the diocese, so this "Order" would be invalid right from the start.) In fact, I told her to have nothing further to do with them as they are now a schismatic group. Veronica left all the organization in her husband's hands (as unwisely as that may be in our eyes, still it was her decision), as she opted for Arthur a long time ago against me, and only now the bad fruits of that decision are showing themselves openly.

She then asked why there was no Warning. He said that there must have been enough prayers, and it was averted. She said that she thought that Our Lord had said that we had had two reprieves and there would not be another. Was she correct? I told her that she was correct: Our Lady definitely stated that there would be no more reprieves. Since Heaven doesn't give out false dates, Michael definitely made this locution up. He has been tampering and inventing other locutions, also. I send you the text of one such locution taken from one of the last Rose Notes.. Here it is:

"Our Lady has warned that WW3 is scheduled to erupt before the end of the century. He (Michael) was wondering whether this timing was truly accurate or factual. He was reflecting on the June 18, '88 message, which states that the Ball of Redemption 'will be here within this century, if not sooner.' Couldn't this mean that it's only here in our atmosphere?...Our Lady supposedly confirmed this by responding at 7:10 p.m.: 'Michael has answered the question.'"

Apparently Michael didn't read carefully the entire June 18, 1988 message. Check it out for yourself: just a paragraph earlier, it states, "Within this century this Ball will be SENT UPON mankind." ("sent upon" definitely means to hit us.)

On the world stage, nothing is happening to even faintly suggest that we are close to the Warning: no major earthquakes, no great rains (which are predicted), no stock market crash, no invasion, and Rome appears very, very quiet. The revolution in Rome and the flight of the Pope from the Vatican must happen before the Warning. Since nothing is happening in Rome, there is no indication that the Warning is even near. Also, Our Lady said when the time is right, no one would have any doubt!

That is why I am writing this letter to you in all haste: hopefully it will act as a parachute to give you a soft landing from the shock of there being no Warning in '97. I wish to soften the blow of your crash landing.

If you are scandalized by all that is happening now, let me reassure you that it is all permitted by God for good reason, which may not be clear to us now. I think people did not take the message of June 18, 1988, seriously enough. Satan had entered the office then, and no where in later messages does it say that he ever left. He hid himself in the persons he entered until the appropriate moment when he would make his decisive move to destroy the Shrine. Apparently that time has now arrived: He has dividedapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,,,,,,, and he will soon conquer.

Miraculous photo taken by Eileen D'Elia of Flushing, N.Y. at the June 17, 1989 Vigil, exactly one year after Our Lady had said that the devil had entered the Bayside office. I had been wondering if Our Lady would show a sign whether the devil was still present at the office. Lo and behold, this picture was taken by Eileen, an office volunteer worker, just when I needed this confirmation of my suspicions. An inset of the devil's face enlarged is shown for clearer viewing.

I repeat, Arthur has won in court for control over the Shrine and he has complete legal control of the Corporation, but Michael has rallied practically everybody to his side in New York and practically all the principal players in the United States. However, with no Warning in 1997, that support may erode very quickly. I promise to keep you abreast on developments on this point on a daily basis.

I've been waiting years for this crisis to happen, as the devil has never left the office since he entered circa 1986. See my War of the Roses** & the June 18, 1988 Message*** for the story. I've been predicting all along that they would fall apart...unless drastic measures were taken to correct the situation, as outlined in the above message.

apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitionsapparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,apparitions,Yes, I repeat: I believe the evil entered the office, the workshop, through Arthur Lueken, who got Michael, James Donahue and others to rebel against the leader, the Teacher, promising them the promotions which they eventually got, and had me removed as Director.

The vision Veronica had about the "schoolroom" is not about a teacher in a classroom. It's all about who is in charge at the Shrine. The pupils are the Bayside full-time workers and the "teacher" is the leader of the workers (Frank), something Veronica had forgotten because of her husband's interference in the daily operations of the workshop. This is indicated to you through this miraculous photo on left: Miraculous photo taken on Apparition grounds in 1988 by Bill Konz (now deceased) of Brooklyn, N.Y. It shows the bolt of a golden ray emanating from Our Lady's Heart, which encircles a worker (Frank) in a white beret, and appears to go right into the back of his head. It seems to indicate that Our Lady is guiding and enlightening Frank (as the Teacher!).

Unless the directions given in the above message are heeded, it will be the end for the center in New York.


Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven