Newsflash: Lueken claims "Diabolical plan to wrest control away from rightful heirs"

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March 1998 Newsletter

in honor of St. Joseph


Welcome once again to our newest Newsletter, this one dedicated to our glorious patron St. Joseph, whose great feast day is March 19th. We have great news to share with you: Issue #5 of our publication Roses From Heaven will be available very soon! Besides having the latest Bayside news, spectacular testimonials and special letters to the Editor, it will feature the May 10, May 30, and June 8, 1972 Messages, which are being published in their entirety for the very first time anywhere anytime. I will send a free copy to anyone who requests it.

There have been very few developments coming out of New York from either group these last few weeks. Both sides have sent out general mailings, each with a new letter explaining their positions, but not a single Bayside Message was put out by either party! I doubt very much that either group will be printing any of the back messages as Heaven has been requesting for the last nine years. These requests have been consistently and flagrantly ignored by New York headquarters all this time, so it is no wonder that this division has developed.

I have further evidence that Michael has been deliberately changing some of Veronica 's recent locutions in order to deflect any personal criticism away from him. In the flyer he put out right after Veronica's death entitled Veronica of the Cross, Her final agony, scourging and heroism, he states that Veronica was the one to be scourged, not him. Here is the passage in question excerpted from the above-mentioned document:

"Then afterwards he (Michael) asked her:'Veronica, has Our Lady come to you?" Veronica said, 'Yes.' 'What did Our Lady say?' continued Michael. Veronica managed to moan, 'You will be...' [what she says is still indecipherable. Finally after being prodded several times by Michael, she exclaims with raised voice] : 'You will be scourged!'"

The "You" in the above passage refers to Michael and not Veronica; otherwise Veronica would have said "I will be scourged."

This interpretation is confirmed by Ann Ferguson's testimony. I have since learned that Ann Ferguson, Veronica 's own personal secretary, had personally pleaded with Veronica before her death to have Michael removed as Shrine Director because of the many problems that he was causing Veronica and the Shrine. Veronica replied to Ann: "He (Michael) will be scourged [which means punished]."

Michael's claim that the Warning he announced for 1997 was postponed again by the prayers of the faithful directly contradicts the Bayside Message of April 5, 1975 ,which states: "You have had two reprieves in the past, My children. The third reprieve shall not be given. Know that the Warning will come upon you soon." Those who are saying this statement refers to the Chastisement are simply not reading the Messages carefully, or are engaging in wishful thinking, deliberately distorting the Message in order to rationalize why the Warning didn't happen last year.

Lueken accuses Mangan and Donahue of felony!

In his newly-released letter dated March 19,1998, Arthur states that these two "committed a felony by filing false corporation papers for the Shrine organization and illegally withdrawing $130,000 [the bulk of the Shrine account] from Citibank." Mangan apparently went on a spending spree signing Shrine checks in the amount of $40,000 in the short space of 6 weeks! One check for $2500 was made out as a donation to a private foundation run by a City of New York employee in charge of Flushing Meadows Park. Other checks were made out to various police clubs. This sounds like a pay-off, plain and simple bribery, which incidentally is a crime. If Arthur wishes to pursue Michael legally, this is the road he should take, and not go after Mangan for the miraculous photos that he has illegally kept and is now using in slide presentations at meetings on the West Coast.

What I had previously termed as the next big event to watch at Bayside vis-a-vis the ongoing struggle for control of the Bayside Shrine: how and when Arthur will make his move to recapture the Vigil Grounds, turns out to be a moot point after all. It is a fait accompli.. Michael, for the foreseeable future, will retain control of the Vigil Grounds through his underhanded, under-the-table, behind-the-scenes maneuvering with the Park authorities. Michael is now locked in to this power base to continue his control over the Bayside believers. For Arthur to even have a semblance of credibility he had to take back the Grounds, and since this is now well nigh impossible, it appears that his days are numbered . He is rapidly running out of funds ($17,000 left before this latest mailing), and short of a miracle, he will have to close the office operations within a few months (warehouse and office rent alone is $5,000 per month!).

If Arthur should ever succeed in removing Michael from the Grounds (at this moment, not very likely), this action would be fraught with danger as people may even then continue to follow Michael, and may even refuse to come and pray at the Vigil site. This would imperil the the very continuance of the Prayer Vigils, and consequently the prayers may be stopped on the Grounds. This is what the cropped copy of Mrs. Beatrice McFadden 's miraculous photo seems to be indicating. Notice the serpent is spewing his venom over Our Lady's shoulder almost unto the Rosary beads (which may symbolize the prayer vigils). The demon's ultimate aim is to stop the prayers, and thus be able to destroy Our Lady's Mission at Bayside. This photo seems to indicate he will come very close to his goal.


Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven