July 1998 Newsletter

So much has been happening at the Shrine in New York that I feel compelled to put it together in this new and latest Newsletter.

This is what I learned about the June 18th Vigil:

There were 5-6 buses and approximately 500 people attending the Anniversary Vigil. Reports are circulating that Michael and his schismatic group continue to harass and intimidate Vigil attendees who do not support his breakaway group.

There were two Vigils held simultaneously on the Vigil Grounds on June 18. Arthur's representative, Vivian, and her small group held their prayer session on the grassy lawn just below the Queens Theater in the Park Bldg, next to the pool, in front the the other Site. Michael intervened with the police, but they refused to remove Arthur's group (He himself was not present).

The original Shrine Statue was not set up until the last half hour of the Vigil, as the police were afraid that it would cause a riot, so only the flags and banners were used by Vivian and her group during most of the Vigil.

One of my contacts says that all the people smelled the scent of roses at the Vivian prayer Vigil site. The Albany organizer brought her bus group over to Vivian's site when she experienced the odor of roses.

Richard Sickler (who was supporting Arthur but has since switched sides) sabotaged any further Shrine printing operations by disabling all the equipment, printing presses before he left New York to return to North Dakota..He and Michael Mangan did all of Mangan's printing late at night when no one else was there.

The Shrine rent and bills are piling up. Almost no money is coming in; no more than a tiny trickle of what it used to get. The Shrine cannot pay the rent and must close two of the three bays. Closing the third is just a matter of time.

Arthur auctioned off all the Shrine presses, computers, equipment, etc. on June 18th. He is having all Shrine publications done commercially from now on.

Arthur is planning a surprise for Michael very soon. I cannot say more for the time being. I will say more on this later, when it is proper to do so.

I will be adding the latest news to this Newsletter as this becomes available to me.

Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven