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Michael's Latest Letter is out!

Michael has just issued another letter claiming that Veronica told him that he was to be the head of the "Order of St. Michael." This of course contradicts what Ann Ferguson said about him concerning his being scourged (which means to be punished). Ann had been trying to get Michael removed as head of the Shrine workers even while Veronica was still alive. Veronica's only response to Ann at that time was that he (Michael) would be scourged.

Apparently Michael had been causing a lot of grief to Veronica, Arthur, Ann and others for a long time. In the words of one source: "As far as I'm concerned Michael Mangan is a troublemaker and a liar. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if you only knew how much trouble he has caused in the past few years, you would faint!"

Incidentally, he now admits that he was mistaken about who was going to be scourged, this right after my online Newsletter exposed the contradiction in his assertion about Veronica's so-called scourging.

Concerning Michael's claim that the Warning (which he insists was given to him by Veronica supposedly while the latter was in locution with Our Lady) was delayed once again this past year, we can only quote you what Our Lady said on April 5, 1975:

"You have had two reprieves in the past, My children. The third reprieve shall not be given. Know that the Warning will come upon you soon."


May 3, 1998: The Very Latest News From New York...

Arthur and Michael Newest Letters


Excerpts from what Arthur writes about Michael in his March 25, '98 Letter (which he calls "Thorns"):

"Michael is making statements to the effect that he has been appointed Founder of the "Order of St. Michael" by Veronica. He bases this on telephone conversations with Veronica which conveniently have no witnesses. This is a blatant falsification. Veronica never endowed Michael with such a very holy and lofty undertaking, nor could she as Religious Orders are founded by Saints under Celestial and Diocesan direction.

"...and his followers have illegally taken over the Shrine Grounds and have prevented those pilgrims, who do not sanction his actions, from attending the Vigils and Holy Hours.

"...Mr. Mangan and his group have stolen the Shrine van, have made a long time practice of altering messages and Rose notes, misinterpreted photographs, taken many irreplaceable documents, Pink Books, scapulars, Shrine medals, rose petals, necessitated a call to a "disaster crew" to get the computers up and working and stole Shrine computers.

"...They seem to hold nothing sacred as they stole from Veronica's personally selected photographs from her own albums. These albums that Veronica gathered under Our Lord's direction contain her following handwritten inscription on the inside front cover:

"This Book is the Sole Property of the Records of the Corporation of "Our Lady of the Roses" for the Future Church Review (Archives). No One Must Either Remove a Photo or Mutilate Portfolio Under Penalty of Legal Action When Made Necessary." Veronica adds these Words of Warning from Jesus, January 24, 1981: "Should thieves or robbers take by force or cunning this Book, Woe to them, for a cruel fate shall they meet with, until the return of the Book. Amen."

In Michael's new Letter dated April 25th (I do not have a copy of it yet), so I can only give you a brief summary. Apparently, Richard Sickler, who had been siding with Arthur, has now written a letter denouncing Arthur, and has moved over to Michael's camp. He charges that Arthur carries out decisions and writes letters without consulting with his Board of Governors. Many of these Board members have resigned in protest, terming their role as merely that of rubber stamping Arthur's decisions. I will tell you more about this Letter as soon as I am able to obtain copies of it.

Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven


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