Miraculous Photos taken at Bayside

Miraculous Photo of Beatrice Pinciaro's deceased aunt



Miraculous photo of two young boys on the road to Hell

  Miraculous photo: The chastising comet   Miraculous photo showing two nuns kneeling in prayer.   Miraculous Photo: Two Popes.       Miraculous photo of a man ascending a stairway to Heaven   Miraculous photo: Guardian angel hovers protectively over young boy.  
Miraculous photo taken from an airplane window by a passenger, showing Jesus coming through the clouds.   Miraculous photo of Veronica holding Baby Jesus in her arms during Vigil.   Miraculous photo showing that like birds of the same feather we should flock together to pray.   Miraculous Photo: Russian Bear which not only seeks to upset and destroy Our Lady's work at Bayside but plans to overthrow all Christian societies.   Miraculous Photo: Six birds lined up   Miraculous Photo: Girl's birthday wish   Miraculous Photo: Madonna and Child over volcano.   Miraculous Photo of St. Francis and Our Lady.   Miraculous photo: Our Lady in the sky.  
Miraculous photo: Discord in chicken coop? Miraculous Photo: The Mystical Body shall be without a Leader.   Miraculous Photo: Golden beam of light shines over Veronica's chair. Miraculous photo spells out that the coming Warning and the Chastisement of the ball of fire will come directly from God. Miraculous Photo: Susan Hayward cured by Bayside. Miraculous Photo: Pile of bones after the comet's passage.   Miraculous Photo: Cross of light over American flag   Miraculous Photo: Our Lady appears in side profile.   Miraculous Photo: Clergy represented as ducks going fast downstream to their own destruction.
  Miraculous Photo of Our Lord's crown of thorns   Miraculous photo: the Grim Reaper or Mr. Death   Miraculous Photo: Beams of translucent light   Miraculous Photo: Earth on fire from comet impact   Miraculous Photo: Huge ball of fire over flagpole   Miraculous Photo: Image of Christ the King miraculously appears on a Bayside Rose Petal   Miraculous Photo: Image of Christ the King miraculously appears on a Bayside Rose Petal   Miraculous Photo: Our Lady's mantle protects two workers   Miraculous Photo: Our Lady covers souls with Her mantle  
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