The Worldwide Rosary Crusade!

Working on the Rosary Crusade requires a lot of work, as a  speech must be prepared for each meeting, and it requires many hours of reseach on Mary Agreda, Catherine Emmerich, and St. Louis de Montfort. What a great saint this man was, and what beautiful writings on the Blessed Virgin. I have just read his book, The Secret of the Rosary. I have read parts of it twice. He quotes St. Dominic, who he says was told by Our Lady that devotion to the Rosary was the main sign of the predestination of the soul, and that indifference, lukewarmness, or contempt for the Rosary was a sign of reprobation.

In order to get people to host meetings in their homes, I bring my little statue of Our Lady to church with me every  Sunday to emphasize that She wishes to visit the people in their homes, like She did with St. Elizabeth--and, oh, what graces Elizabeth and her family received from Her visit! I brought the statue to the church meeting hall afterwards, and told the people she was waiting for someone to invite Her into their home.

The Rosary in Latin is held every Sunday as part of a worldwide Rosary Crusade in the traditional Latin Mass parish church of St. Robert Bellarmine, at 3405 NW 27th Ave., in Miami, Florida. The Rosary is recited in Latin at 7:20 a.m., and is followed by the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also in Latin, just before Mass. It is said in Latin because several new members are fluent only in Spanish, so at their suggestion, it is said in the universal language of the Church. The Salve Regina is sung at the end of the Rosary. 

A new Web page dedicated to promoting the worldwide Rosary Crusade is being contemplated for the near future. Perhaps, with time and with the resources made available, a live internet broadcast of the recitation of the Holy Rosary is a distinct possibility. Who knows what can be done when the imagination, zeal, and devotion are there!

It is miraculous in the way the Crusade is moving forward. The Blessed Mother, I believe, has been the galvanizing force behind the scenes. She has inspired people to say and do things that have set off a chain reaction that has brought  new members to the group.    

  All South Floridians are invited to join in this special weekly event.  All are invited  throughout the US, Canada and the world to start saying the Rosary before or after Mass, Sundays and/or week days, in your respective parishes, in the language of your preference, with the permission of your pastor. If you are able to start your own group, or already have a group but wish to be part of our Crusade, please do so.  A weekly report will be provided on the progress of the Mission.

The First Rosary Meeting Speech

The Third Rosary Crusade Meeting Speech