Miraculous photos

...to help us understand recent events at the Shrine in New York

Miraculous photo taken at Christ the King Vigil by Beatrice McFadden in 1995. The vigil statue of Our Lady is falling over on its back while pointing to the Infant Jesus of Prague Statue being held by one of the workers.The Infant appears to be wearing an oversized white or blue beret. It also appears like Our Lady is being attacked from behind by a rat-serpent. The serpent's head is spitting out a black stream of venom as it prepares to lunge at Our Lady's jugular, while the rat seems to be in the serpent's stomach, with the serpent's tail curling up behind it. Our Lady's mantle appears to be partially in tatters on the right hand side. It almost looks like there is a rope winding around the lower part of Her gown as if She is being wrapped, dismantled and put away in storage. There are two parallel lines over one end of the rope, which looks like the stepladder being used to take down the statue.

Our Lady appears to be desperately trying to draw our attention to the June 18, 1988 message, in which She had asked Veronica to pray more to the Infant Jesus for light and guidance before making a crucial decision concerning the leadership at the Shrine.

Discord within the chicken coop?

Miraculous photo taken by myself (Frank Albas) at the Vigil in August 1995. It appears to be a row of chickens lined up one after another (chicken coop being the Shrine center in New York).The top part of the first chicken forms a large "V", while the head forms a "P". The body and legs form an "X" in rosary bead patterns. In the most prominent chicken (2nd from the right), a serpent appears to have entered it. The body and tail form huge flames over the chicken coop. The devil appears to be sowing discord within the headquarters in New York . The "V" means Veronica 's group in New York. The "P" indicates many prayers are needed to solve the problem, the "X" or cross caused by the serpent's entry into one of the workers.