The Second Coming of Jesus

Second Coming
“There will be candles of light lit throughout the world, armies of Heaven. Many in these days of trial will disappear from the world, your Earth. It will be a great mystery to mankind when they are taken up to wait for the Coming of My Son. It will be a great joy to those privileged to meet with Him when He returns.”—October 5, 1985



Return of Jesus necessary
“When My Son returns to Earth, when the persecution to the enlightened grows stronger, when all the world is fighting, then My Son shall deem it necessary to return.”—October 2, 1989

Peace at the Second Coming of My Son
“All who remain after this time of great trial, will join with My Son in setting up the Kingdom that I promised you, the time of great peace. It will only be with you, this great peace promised, at the return, the Second Coming of My Son, Jesus.” —September 13, 1974


Jesus' Second Coming
“There will be a Great War. At the time of this crisis there will return the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!”— November 20, 1972

Jesus' Return to Earth
“My Son will return to your Earth as He ascended from your Earth. He will return with the legions, the armies of Heaven, in the final battle against the agents and the forces of evil.”—August 5, 1974

Jesus' Arrival
“Do not fall victim to those who will make claims of being My Son, for you will know when My Son arrives, for He will come down from the heavens with a shout of glory and all the forces of Heaven. No man shall not be aware of His entrance. So do not become deluded by those false Christs that will walk among you.” —October 1, 1977

Jesus' Second Coming visible to all
“I promise you, My children, one day you will see Me, as you, Veronica, see Me now. All will see Me, but many have fled already, in fear of what is to come upon mankind.”—September 7, 1985


Return of Jesus at daybreak
“Do not be deluded by those who say: Where's His Coming? Has He fallen asleep? For I assure you, as day will come out of night, as light shall emerge from darkness, I will return.”—July 12, 1976

Second Coming of Jesus not far off
“The day of days is at hand. The day of the Lord, and the [Second] Coming of My Son [Jesus], is not far off. Do you not recognize the signs of your times?”—July 25, 1973

Second Coming of Jesus totally unexpected
“Do not follow the scoffers who continue to say, ‘His promise has not and will not come true, to return in the Second Coming [of Jesus].’ I assure you I shall come to you all as a thief in the night.”— September 7, 1985