Serpent has eaten the head of Shrine Statue

Miraculous Polaroid photo taken of the Shrine Statue (center) by Horacio Cuellar of Queens, N.Y. at the November 1st, 1997 Vigil. Before taking the photo, Horacio was asking Our Lady in prayer what was happening to the Shrine: why all the division and confusion. It appears that he got a very direct answer to his prayer. Here is what I see in the picture. A huge Serpent dominates the upper right side of the picture.

It appears that the Serpent has totally swallowed up the head of the Shrine statue of Our Lady! This indicates the leadership (at least the schismatic group headed by Mr Mangan who still has total control over the Prayer Vigils and Holy Hours at the Apparition Grounds) is under Satan's control for the present moment. There appears to be the face of a worker in a white beret (on statue's right) on whose head the Serpent is perched while it swallows the statue's head. On the lower left, a giant insect, resembling a grasshopper, while standing erect, watches the scene unfold. Could this mean that someone has gotten carried away with himself and has caused all of this confusion and division?

In order to understand the present Crisis, I will explain it the way I see it. Just as Satan has entered the Church, so he entered the Bayside office and pitted workers against the Teacher . I've been waiting a long time for him to make his move openly and now he has.

Even after losing the court battle to Arthur, and even after falsely predicting the Warning in '97, Michael continues to lead an insurrection against the legitimate authority at the Shrine. Whether we like it or not, Veronica appointed her husband as her successor, hence he is in charge, not Michael. It appears that Michael will lead into schism most of the Bus Organizers and possibly most of the followers, judging from the reaction of the local Bayside group in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area this morning. To prevent this situation from happening, it may be necessary to resort to police action to regain control of the Apparition Grounds.

I was contacted by e-mail by someone who told me that his group are calling people by phone, claiming that they are starting a new group called "The Order of St. Michael" (Apparently they were passing out a 2- page document to that effect this morning at the Holy Hour). He told her to spread the word , and also asked for financial help. I told her to not give a penny to Michael and James, or the so-called "Order of St. Michael." In fact, have nothing further to do with them as they are now a schismatic group.

I do not feel the Center in New York will survive this Crisis. My prediction is that the Shrine will be torn apart and break at the seams. I remember the miraculous photo taken by a devotee in New Jersey in 1988 showing the statue of Our Lady cracking up. It appears to be fulfilled in part already.

Regardless of what happens in New York, the Work of Our Lady will continue here in Miami, so don't lose heart. We will fight to the very end for Our Lady 's Cause.


Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven