Bayside Prophecy Fulfilled:

Terrorism in America!...

but who is ultimately responsible?
Who does it benefit most? THE US GOV'T!

Update: There were no suicide pilots, no hijackers...there were no cellular phone calls, there were no Arab terrorists. The whole operation was done by the US Intelligence services using remote-controlled jets.

Gullible you not hear sound of laughter emanating from the highest levels of your Illuminati-controlled Government? How naive can you be! Here is the link to one of the most likely scenarios:

Flight of the Bumble Planes

9-11...the date was no accident. Pres. Bush wanted to declare a state of National Emergency (!),
which would have suspended the Constitution, on Friday Sept. 14.

The enemy is not out there, he is within, and
he's out to take away your remaining civil
liberties in exchange for so-called “security.”
They want to create a one world totalitarian
police state in which you will be herded like
cattle. The mass media are controlled and are
used to brainwash you to accept a state of
servitude! Don't answer the call to arms. It is
an orchestrated deception!

The Illuminati one world plotters who control
the US gov't and the media left their signature
all over this dastardly deed. They are the masterminds and perpetrators of this infamy!

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New
York City have been completely destroyed in a “terrorist” attack using purportedly
“hijacked” commercial jetliners crashing through the upper floors. Casualties are
in the thousands! Some the outer structures of the Pentagon are in ruins after
what is believed to be a similar terrorist attack using an airline.
(More on these Events will soon follow)