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July 25 th -- There were no buses present; the attendance was very small.

Sept. 28 th -- Eve of SS Michael, Gabriel, Raphael -- There were no buses at the VIGIL. Arthur's group under Vivian had control of Vigil grounds with 12 people attending their Vigil. Michael was on the outside with about 20 people in attendance! The place is really falling apart!

October 2nd -- Eve of St. Theresa -- [correction and update] Two buses at the VIGIL: Gary Wohlscheid of These Last Days Ministres from Grand Rapids had a bus and the other was probably from Boston. Mary Rademacher, publisher of the famous Blue Book from Lansing, Michigan, was present at the Vigil but did not have a bus as previously reported but drove down in a car. Michael's group on the exedra had about 70 people, perhaps because it just happened to be his turn on the marble monument; Vivian had about 30 people.

October 6 th -- No buses at the VIGIL. Arthur's group numbered about 25 while Michael's had about 35.

October 11 th Holy Hour -- Vivian's group had about 10 people, while Michael had about 20.

As Arthur and Michael continue their standoff, and as the number of people attending the Vigils and Holy Hours continue to drop dramatically...perhaps -- just perhaps -- people will start looking in the right place for an answer to this problem. They will go back back to that fateful day on June 18, 1988, when Our Lady laid out the problem that the Devil had entered the Shrine office and what the solution was. Let me ask you all once again: WHO IS THE TEACHER? Your individual answers would be much appreciated.

Alternating Vigils and Holy Hours

Arthur and Michael must alternate each Vigil and each Holy Hour for control of the Apparition Grounds. Such is the decision of the New York City Parks Department concerning the dispute as to which group should control and direct the Prayer Vigils at the Vatican Pavilion Site at Flushing Meadow Park, in Flushing, Queens, Long Island, New York. Both parties have agreed to abide by the Parks Dept. decision.

Last Sunday, August 30 th, Arthur's group led by Vivian Hanratty held their first Holy Hour from within the confines of the Inner Circle on the steps of the granite monument where the prayers have been held since May 28 th, 1975. Michael's group prayed and held their own Holy Hour a few hundred yards away, beneath the remains of the pavilion which presently houses Queens Theater-in-the-Park. Arthur's group numbered about thirty people while Michael's group were about fifty strong.

The next Vigil, which is scheduled for September 12, in honor of Our Lady's Nativity, will be hosted by Arthur's followers. The next one, on September 15, will be led by Michael and his associates. On September 28, St. Michael's Vigil, it will be conducted by Vivian and her group.

Check with us regularly for the latest developments concerning what is happening at the headquarters in New York.

Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven