JFK Jr.: Was He Murdered?
Several researchers have been carefully gathering the facts about JFK Jr.'s plane crash and death last July 16th, and their meticulous examination of the details leads them to only one conclusion: MURDER. Their painstaking investigations reveal a massive cover up by the controlled national media. They expose the false statements and lies that have been fed to the apathetic and gullible American public, who only too gladly will swallow the swill dished out to them by the managed news and disinformation networks.

Here are the raw, cold facts that they have come up with. Contrary to what the puppet media claim, JFK Jr. was a good, experienced pilot who always played it safe when operating his plane. Visibility was good as he made his approach to Martha's Vineyard, his destination point. The first report on the UPI confirmed that Kennedy made contact with the airport at 9:39 p.m., that he indicated that everything was normal, and that he was commencing his descent to the airport. Seconds later, radar indicated his plane started making a nose dive into the ocean at 6,000 feet per minute. At least three witnesses reported seeing an explosion in the sky at that time, and in exactly that part of the sky where JFK Jr.'s plane disappeared from radar. The media were not allowed to get anywhere near the scene of the recovered wreckage, and no photographs were permitted of the recovered bodies. Add to this the strange rushed autopsy (done in less than four hours), and then the weird request for cremation and burial at sea (to remove all evidence, of course!), you have a powerful case for criminal conspiracy to cover up a crime scene.

Who killed JFK Jr.? The same people that murdered his father. The International Bankers, the Shadow Government, the One Worlders, the Illuminati, the secret societies, those who will not hesitate to get rid of anyone who gets in their way in building their socialistic One World Government. And rumor has it that JFK Jr. was looking into who was behind his father's death. Apparently he was in the process of documenting and proving with facts that the international bankers and their operatives, the Illuminati, were the sinister perpetrators of the foul acts against JFK Sr. and his uncle RFK. He was intending to publish these details in his magazine GEORGE. One researcher asserts that he was planning to announce that he was running for President as a traditional Democrat, or even possibly as a third party or independent candidate in the 2000 election.

You, the reader, may be interested in knowing why I would want to get involved in exposing the truth concerning this most foul deed. This latest incident represents another nail driven into the coffin of the free republic of the United States of America.

You must remember that Heaven's Apparitions to Veronica Lueken began on June 6, 1968, on the night that Senator Robert Kennedy was murdered. It appears that neither JFK nor RFK would do the bidding of the secret government ruling the U.S. Our Lady calls these shadowy figures the "Grand Masters" (a reference to those who control freemasonry and the secret societies) and the "moneychangers" (International Bankers). She said in one message "to chase the moneychangers from your government." This is one way of saying get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank system, which is owned and operated by the major Banking families in the world. These private individuals and families own and print the U.S. currency for their own power, profit and gain, and maintain the federal government in a state of bondage to them through their corrupt system of loans and credit, and the creation of the national debt. The modern banking system is a fraudulent system wherein the bankers create money out of thin air and then charge the governments and the people interest on something that was created with the stroke of a pen. Who authorizes them to do this? The government that they control! All the politicians are merely puppets of these money manipulators. Anyone of them who gets out of line, who wants to be his own man, gets discredited in the news media (which they also own, and which performs the function of sedating the masses so that they can't think for themselves). If that doesn't work, then blackmail will usually do the job. In extreme cases, like the Kennedys, they must be eliminated 

International Bankers under Rockefeller plan a One World Government. David Rockefeller secretly rules the United States. He and other Grand Masters are working to build a world socialist government under a supreme dictator of evil. The United Nations is the World Government in the making. Communism is but one tentacle of this monstrous Octopus of Evil 

What can we do? How can we fight this evil? Well, the Virgin Mary will free us and our government from this state of slavery if we will turn to Her for help. We must pray the Rosary and do penance, and start leading lives of virtue. If enough people do this, and spread the truth about the predicament our government is in, then Heaven will intervene and spare America from the clutches of this Antichrist world government.

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One World Government: world enslavement of the masses under the tyranny of a 
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