Vatican Document Released Not the Complete Authentic 3rd Secret

The Document released on June 26 by the Vatican purported to be the entire and complete Text of the Third Secret given to the three shepherd children of Fatima on July 13, 1917, is demonstrably untrue. We have several very serious reasons to believe it is not the complete Text. We will proceed to enumerate these reasons:

  1. The Holy Father, John Paul II, has already indirectly admitted that the Text first published by the German newspaper Neues Europa, October 1, 1963, is the authentic text when he quoted passages from it (the oceans overflowing the land causing millions to die by the minute) when speaking to pilgrims in Fulda, Germany.
  2. Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who worked in one of the Vatican Congregations and who has since retired, claims to have seen and read the Third Secret. He confirmed in more than one interview that the above-mentioned Text (which has been in circulation for almost 40 years) is authentic; that the Secret predicts a Third World War involving nuclear weapons, in which the living will envy the dead (probably because of the effects of radiation) before the end of the century (which is less than six months from now), and a doctrinal crisis within the Church.
  3. The three months of insurmountable anguish that Sister Lucy had to face before daring to write down this text. The contents had to indeed be terrible and burdensome for her to suffer so much in writing it.
  4. The Fatima experts like the late Fr. Joaquin Maria Alonso (the official Fatima archivist), Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Br. Michael of the Holy Trinity, etc. are all in agreement that the Secret involves a major crisis of Faith, the deficiencies of those in high positions within the Church, and a major apostasy among believers in general.
  5. The testimony of Sister Lucy herself when she says that Our Lady told her that the Devil has engaged Our Lady in a decisive battle: only one will emerge the winner. She adds that the Third Secret is in the Gospels and in the Apocalypse, Chapters 8 through 13. This affirmation by Sister Lucy puts into question Cardinal Ratzinger's integrity as he recently claimed that the Secret had nothing to do with apocalyptic events. His integrity is already in doubt by circulating this new Document as the real Third Secret.
  6. The fact that the Popes have consistently refused to divulge the contents for 40 years even though they were under obedience to do so by Heaven. This alone tells us of the dire nature of the contents.