Miraculous Photo of Our Lady • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

Miraculous photo of Our Lady
This outstanding miraculous photo of Our Lady of the Roses was taken of Our Lady's Shrine statue with a Polaroid camera by a pilgrim at the Vigil of December 31, 1999.

You can see Our Lady truly appearing in Her beautiful blue, hands extended as Our Lady of Grace and turned a bit to the right. The photo was taken of Our Lady’s white statue, without a flash, center and close up from her belting up. The statue did not have a cape or crown on during the Vigil.

The Vigil was held on the grass about 50 yards away from the Vatican Pavilion, as pilgrims were not permitted on the Pavilion that evening for security reasons. The police blocked all entrances for cars to the park for ‘Y2K’ night and a New Year's Eve event for city officials, politicians and dignitaries. Our Lord also appeared in another miraculous photo that evening, too.

Doves bowing revently to Our Lady
Notice the rosary bead patterns throughout the picture, which represent the prayers being said. Hovering over Our Lady’s head and right shoulder the dove of peace can be seen,

    carrying in its beak a huge olive leaf. On the lower right, three doves bow their heads reverently to Our Lady. Perhaps this signifies that the Blessed Mother will soon restore peace and order among Her devotees at Bayside. The white light with a pinkish glow   on top (bottom center) appears to be the finger of God—the Holy Spirit and Jesus —intervening to solve the problem at Bayside. On the bottom right there appear three doves (and possibly three bishop’s croziers) bowing reverently in homage to Our Lady.  
Miraculous Photo taken at New Year’s Vigil, 1999