Miraculous photos

Miraculous photo of American Eagle and Elian Gonzalez
Miraculous photo taken by Angela, a pilgrim from New Jersey at the Easter Vigil 2000 on the Apparition grounds. She was asking from Heaven a sign as to what was to happen to Elian, the six year Cuban boy who is at the center of a bitter custody battle between Castro and the boy's father on one hand (who want to take him to Cuba to make of him a chattel of the Communist State), and his Miami relatives on the other (who want to keep him in the U.S., so that he can grow up in freedom).

It is difficult to know for sure the answer in the picture, but if you look at the two parallel golden lines, with two cross bars with the points on them bent inward, you get the impression that this is the representation of a barbed wire fence, indicating a concentration camp, or captivity in general. If you turn the picture clockwise one turn, you will notice the clear shape of two Eagle heads (the symbol of the US, as shown in cropped photos below), one golden and one bluish white. If you turn the photo upside down, you can see the whole outline of the US. There are also 8's, 5's, and 3's; the letter ‘V’ (for Elian a victim of the American government and its judicial system; or, eventual victory, perhaps, are there, too). The general feeling from the picture is that America is now occupied territory, controlled by the enemies of freedom because of the barbed wire fence symbol, encircling the outline of the US.

Gathering the lilacs
The following four miraculous photos were taken by Pat and Jane Rinaldi, a couple from New York at the Apparition grounds at the May 7, 2000 May Crowning Holy Hour. The Virgin Mary in Her March 24, 1972, message had said: “When the lilies are in bloom and the heather is on the hill, then gather the lilacs and bring them to the Shrine.”

On May 7, Jane cut some purple lilacs from her garden (which she does every year, following Our Lady's instructions) Miraculously, pictures 2, 3, and 4 show the green tree behind the statue of Our Lady, filled with purple lilacs. The red and golden bands of color across the photo shown opposite here remain a mystery as to what they symbolize.