Who Is The Teacher?


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Our Lady—“My child, when We talk of demons, I also mentioned to you that you must be very careful and warn all that satan was trying, and accomplished his mission, to go into the workrooms of the White Berets and the Blue Berets.

“What is he going to do? He will bring discord and dissatisfaction. And what are you going to do, My child? You are going to pray more, and make a decision; for We are not allowing you to be alone. But you must gain wisdom by making a decision.

“I leave that up to you, My child, as you will follow the rules of charity, holiness, and, also, faith. The greatest is faith: faith in your fellow man...”

Jesus—“My child and My children, offer this lesson, My child. You, I repeat from My Mother just told you: you will have to make some decisions yourself, because on that way of testing, My child--We must test you at all times to help you should you fall out of grace in anger. Anything that is being said with anger shall never be accepted in Heaven...

Jesus—“My child and My children, I wish to stress this evening....Look up, My child, and see what this will be about, as you receive a clearer picture.”

Veronica—I see what looks to be a school of some kind; and it's a boy's school, and it has them all sitting at desks. But who is the teacher? Oh! I can see that. Oh, it's Frank! Yes! now Jesus is touching His lips:

Jesus—“My child, there are lessons to be learned from that picture. I am going to ask you to seek the wisdom that is necessary for the present crisis. Now I want you to know, My child, that this has not been solved yet..."

Jesus—“My child and My children, We have a great crisis going on in the world, and even among ourselves. This will be solved with humility, charity, prayer and graces. That is all that I will say at this time, but think upon that, and pray upon that; and I assure you, My child, things will not be that chaotic...”

--June 18, 1988