The Antichrist World Government

Gorbachev—the ‘Man of Sin’

The times are very grave. It appears that the United States has already surrendered to the Luciferian Communist New World Order UN government under Mikhail Gorbachev (Our Lady called him the ‘Man of Sin’), who is already being called the President of the world.

We now have a dictatorship in place, with a Gestapo secret police (homeland security) spying on us, and ready to imprison without trial any one who does not agree with the government. There are already reports of police setting up road blocks on major highways and arresting people who are on their Red Lists [people classified as enemies of the state] and taken to

A concentration camp in Grayling, Michigan.


railway prison boxcars where they are transported to detention (concentration) camps. Several witnesses have seen trucks carrying guillotines by the thousands, which will be used to execute all dissenters.

George W. Bush: New Hitler? (1)

Our Lady said on October 6, 1992 that “There will soon enter upon your world a despot ... Number 2, I call him. But many have named him, and the Book of life refers to him as the Antichrist....Your nation, the United States, shall fall to the despot, and you will all be enslaved by him.”

America, wake up! The real terrorists are the Zionists who control the US and Israeli governments, and all of the governments of the world! These are the forces of 666, the Antichrist, that Our Lady talks about in the messages. Bayside believers do not read the messages carefully. She has asked us to recognize the Grand Masters who secretly rule behind the scenes the puppet government of George W. Bush. Just as Our Lord chased out the money changers from the Temple in his time, so the Virgin Mary tells us to chase out the money changers (the international banksters) out of the US government today!

Most Americans do not know that the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned. These power-hungry megalomaniacs, the European Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Rockefellers, etc. own the Fed and use it to control the world. They can make or break any nation at their slightest whim!
(1) George W. Bush: New Hitler?


They are the ones that use the FBI and the CIA, and the US media (which they own) to create and spread rumors of terror. They are the real perpetrators of terrorism throughout the world. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida were created as the bogeymen in order to terrorize the American population to surrender their civil liberties in exchange for so-called homeland security. That is what the deceptively-named Patriot Act is all about. A terrorized Congress passed this bill without even reading its contents. This the testimony of Congressman Ron Paul.

Now the House has just passed the Homeland Security Act which will create a form of Nazi Police State. It is the equivalent of the Nazi SS.

Stop watching the controlled news on TV, or at least look at it with a very critical eye. They are feeding you anything but the truth. They are telling what they want you to hear. You are being brainwashed without even knowing it! Our Lady said the TV will become an instrument of total mind control! Do you really read the messages? Don't you realize you are being duped? When are you going to wake up? Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and see what is planned for you in the near future unless you wake up NOW!!!

What can we do to save America? Our Lady has given us the answer in Her messages: Save America the Rosary way! Unite in a Crusade for the Rosary! Let us promote a solid chain of prayer, link to link, right across America and the world!